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Effective December 1, 2018, Ippoliti Law Office, LLC will be closing its doors.  Victor Ippoliti has been elected as the Prosecuting Attorney in Spencer County, Indiana.  His associate, Megan Kloeck-Bennet will also be joining him at the Prosecutor's Office.  

Ippoliti Law Office will no longer be taking on new clients.  Our current clients are advised to immediately seek alternative representation.  Please call us to schedule a time to pick up a copy of your file.  Our office will do whatever we can to make the transition to your new attorney as smooth and easy as possible.  Please know that we have enjoyed working with each and every one of you.

Clients who have an outstanding balance due with our office will need to continue to make your payments as agreed upon.  If you have not made arrangements to pay your balance due, please contact our office as soon as possible.  Payments can be made in person at our office at 530 Main Street, Ferdinand, IN 47532 until December 15, 2018.  After this date, clients may continue to make payments via our website, or by mail to P.O. Box 155, Ferdinand, IN 47532.


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